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We partner with top attraction manufacturers, delivering adventure to North American FECs through high-adrenaline attractions, mixed-reality experiences, indoor play areas, trampolines, interactive games, imaginative play, and more.

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Welcome to the world of Lothian Adventures, where every attraction sparks excitement and fuels imagination. At, you’ll journey through a spectrum of innovative adventure park attractions, explore client-inspired designs, and kindle your creative fire. Each attraction and park is uniquely tailored for every operator, reflecting your vision for an unforgettable FEC experience.

With over two decades of expertise, we’re trailblazing the path by delivering top-tier indoor adventure park attractions, theming, impeccable shipping, and expert installation services. Trust in our legacy of excellence to craft awe-inspiring Family Entertainment Centers that leave an indelible mark.

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Lothian Industries Inc. embodies a dynamic and adventurous essence, combining a fusion of nostalgic elements and sophisticated expertise. With an upscale-iconic tone, Lothian Industries exudes excitement and thrills, positioning us as the foremost provider of indoor playgrounds, adventure park attractions, design services, and installation solutions..

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