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Climbing Wall Attractions

Climb, Conquer, Repeat: Experience the Thrill of Clip ‘N Climb® by RCI Adventure Products

Exploring to New Heights

RCI Adventure Products, Clip ‘N Climb® Attractions!

Welcome to the revolutionary world of Clip ‘N Climb® – where indoor climbing gets a remix for maximum fun and safety. Our climbing walls redefine the traditional climbing experience, offering a fresh, inventive, and visually stunning challenge for all ages. With safety as our top priority, Clip ‘N Climb® utilizes TRUBLUE® auto belays and Self Belay™ connectors, ensuring a secure and thrilling ascent. From beginner-friendly walls to challenges designed for climbing enthusiasts, our diverse range of activities guarantees an adventure-filled experience. Spectators will be captivated by the colorful walls, creating an additional revenue stream for your facility. Join us in transforming climbing into an entertainment spectacle that keeps customers coming back for more!

Customized Adventures

Custom Designed Climbing Attractions

Safety is paramount in the Clip ‘N Climb® experience. Powered by TRUBLUE® auto belays from Head Rush Technologies and equipped with Self Belay™ connectors, our climbing walls are the epitome of reliability. The TRUBLUE® devices, designed specifically for the climbing industry, boast automatic accommodation, eliminating the need for clutch bearings and ensuring a smooth descent for climbers. With a focus on equipment longevity and low maintenance costs, our climbing walls provide a safe and reliable environment. The Self Belay™ connector enhances user safety, preventing accidental webbing releases and ensuring climbers connect to the correct harness points. Choose Clip ‘N Climb® for a climbing experience where innovation meets safety, setting a new standard in the industry.

Park In Actions

Experience RCI Adventure Products, Clip ‘N Climb® Climbing Attractions.

Embark on a journey of fun and discovery as you conquer walls that redefine the climbing experience. From colorful and whimsical challenges for the young ones to intricate and exciting walls designed for adults, Clip ‘n Climb® is the ultimate destination for those craving a unique climbing adventure.

Lothian Industries Partnerships

Lothian Industries and RCI Collaboration

Lothian Industries partners with RCI, proudly serving as the premier distributor of RCI products in North America. RCI is a leading innovator in creating high-quality adventure and challenge course solutions. Their expertise spans thrilling ziplines, aerial attractions, and adventure park installations. It’s important to emphasize that all videos, images, and renderings featured on are the intellectual property of RCI. Any utilization of these materials beyond showcasing their products is strictly unauthorized and prohibited. All showcased content is intended solely for illustrative purposes to showcase the exceptional offerings of RCI and its collaboration with Lothian Industries