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High Ropes Courses

A fully customizable, versatile aerial attractions offer thrilling experiences, boosting sales and providing safety-driven entertainment.

Exploring to New Heights

RCI Adventure Products, Sky Trail® Aerial Attractions!

The standard of high ropes courses worldwide. RCI is where customization meets excitement. With adaptability to both indoor and outdoor settings, these attractions captivate participants of all ages. The attractions not only provide unforgettable experiences but also contribute to secondary sales by extending dwell times leading to increased purchases on-site. Safety is paramount, as the attractions employ a U.S. patented overhead tracking system and time-tested equipment, ensuring participant security. Boasting minimal operational costs and easy maintenance, these attractions offer longevity while offering endless enjoyment through various elements, color schemes, and themes that cater to diverse audiences and skill levels!

Customized Adventures

Tailored indoor Ropes Courses offer endless possibilities.

Indoor Sky Trails offer unparalleled customization for FEC owners. With adaptable themes, colors, and interactive elements, these attractions can be tailored to fit the specific theme and preferences of each facility. From thrilling challenges to family-friendly experiences, owners can create a unique attraction that resonates with their target audience. This flexibility ensures that every guest enjoys a memorable adventure, making the FEC an irresistible destination.

Park In Actions

Experience RCI Adventure Products, Sky Trail® Aerial Attractions.

Embark on a journey of innovation and skill as RCI and Lothian Industries unite. Infused with an electrifying essence, our partnership offers unrivaled indoor playgrounds, adventure park attractions, cutting-edge design, and installation finesse. Immerse yourself in the excitement—watch our videos to truly encounter the boundless adventure that awaits.

Lothian Industries Partnerships

Lothian Industries and RCI Collaboration

Lothian Industries partners with RCI, proudly serving as the premier distributor of RCI products in North America. RCI is a leading innovator in creating high-quality adventure and challenge course solutions. Their expertise spans thrilling ziplines, aerial attractions, and adventure park installations. It’s important to emphasize that all videos, images, and renderings featured on are the intellectual property of RCI. Any utilization of these materials beyond showcasing their products is strictly unauthorized and prohibited. All showcased content is intended solely for illustrative purposes to showcase the exceptional offerings of RCI and its collaboration with Lothian Industries