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Project Consultation: Unlocking Your Vision

At Lothian Industries Adventure, Consultation isn’t just a conversation; it’s the beginning of a thrilling journey. We embark on a Facility Consultation where we delve deep into your dreams. Whether you envision a cozy 3k sq. ft. daycare or a sprawling 50k sq. ft. multi-attraction haven, we’ll guide you. We consult on optimal facility sizes, the perfect attractions, and building selection, unraveling the benefits and challenges of industrial or commercial spaces. Delving further, we explore revenue streams, craft marketing strategies, and map out staff training programs. We’re more than equipment brokers; we’re your adventure partners, committed to your success.

How we help

Project Development: Crafting Adventure Realms

Once we receive the building plans, our Project Development springs to life. We meticulously design floor layouts, ensuring every nook aligns with your vision. From welcoming check-in areas to efficient POS stations, bathrooms to storage, we leave no detail untouched. Then comes the magic—developing your unique attraction mix, optimizing every inch for your adventure park’s identity. We integrate budgets, theming ideas, and floor plans, culminating in captivating 3D designs from our trusted vendors. We assemble it into one comprehensive proposal, presenting your adventure park dreams.

How we help

Project Management: Guiding Your Adventure

As your project evolves from concept to reality, our Project Management takes the helm. We clarify specifics, ensuring timelines and site expectations align. For mid-sized to larger projects, a site visit demonstrates our commitment and verifies site readiness. We streamline vendor communications, manage logistics, including freight, installation, and visas, and coordinate equipment delivery. As installation nears completion, we return for a final site visit, ensuring the seamless sign-off of major attractions. At Lothian Industries, we’re your trusted guide, navigating every step of your thrilling adventure park expedition.

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