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Inflatable Attractions

Bounce into Adventure: Unleash Fun with Indoor Inflataparks and Inflatable Attractions!

Air-Powered Excitement

Elevate Playtime with Inflatable Adventures!

Discover a world of entertainment with Lothian Industries and Galaxy Multi Rides! From mechanical bulls to inflatable parks, we offer thrilling experiences that attract new customers and boost your revenues. Our customizable solutions fit party rentals, trampoline parks, and more. With a focus on quality, safety, and outstanding customer service, we’re your go-to amusement ride manufacturer. We partner with Galaxy Multi Rides for the best in inflatable amusement.

Customized Adventures

Envision the Epic Design of an Air-Filled Wonderland

The perfect inflatable park attraction begins with a creative vision, where we imagine a world where play knows no bounds. A team of skilled designers then translates this vision into detailed plans, carefully crafting every curve, slide, and bounce. Galaxy selects premium materials, rigorously tested for safety and durability, ensuring that each inflatable adventure withstands the test of time and the enthusiasm of countless young adventurers. With precision engineering and a commitment to excellence, we breathe life into these air-powered wonders, creating an environment where children can unleash their boundless energy, foster their creativity, and experience moments of pure, unbridled joy. Elevate playtime with our inflatable adventures, where air-powered excitement becomes a reality.

Parks In Actions

Inflatable Attractions designed to thrill. 

Lothian Industries Inc. embodies a dynamic and adventurous essence, combining a fusion of nostalgic elements and sophisticated expertise. With an upscale-iconic tone, Lothian Industries exudes excitement and thrills, positioning us as the foremost provider of indoor playgrounds, adventure park attractions, design services, and installation solutions.


Partnering with Innovative Galaxy Multi Ride

Lothian Industries is proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Galaxy Multi Ride, making us their sole distributor in North America. Galaxy Multi Ride is a renowned manufacturer specializing in thrilling amusement rides and attractions that deliver unparalleled excitement and entertainment. Committed to providing top-quality experiences, Galaxy Multi Ride’s innovative products are designed to elevate any event or venue.

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