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Indoor Playground & adventure park Services

Discover the thrill of Lothian Industries Inc.’s premium indoor adventure attractions.


Lothian Industries Services

Lothian Industries offer a comprehensive suite of services for your ultimate satisfaction. Our 2D or 3D facility design brings your vision to life, optimizing space and functionality.

Project Consultation

We consult on optimal facility sizes, the perfect attractions, and building selection, unraveling the benefits and challenges of industrial or commercial spaces.

Project Development

After the blueprints arrive, our Project Development springs to life. We meticulously design floor layouts, ensuring every nook aligns with your vision.

Project Management

We clarify specifics, ensuring timelines and site expectations align.  At Lothian Industries Adventure, we’re your trusted guide, navigating every step of your thrilling adventure park expedition.

2D or 3D Rendering Designs

We offer cutting-edge 2D and 3D rendering services that provide our clients with a vivid glimpse of their indoor playground or adventure park project.

Custom Theming

We pride ourselves on crafting unforgettable indoor playgrounds and adventure parks that tell unique stories. Our commitment to customization shines through our bespoke theming services.


State-of-the-art facilities house cutting-edge equipment and skilled craftsmen who meticulously craft the components that make adventure dreams a reality.

Shipping & Delivery

Our dedicated shipping and delivery team manages the intricate process of transporting your equipment from our manufacturing facilities to your project site.


We bring your vision to life efficiently and safely, so you can soon welcome excited visitors to your adventure park.

Final Inspection

Our expert inspectors meticulously review installations, equipment functionality, and structural integrity, leaving no room for compromise.


Our experienced trainers provide hands-on guidance, ensuring that your team is well-prepared to manage the park’s operation and address potential challenges.

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Discover the thrill of Lothian Industries Inc.’s premium indoor adventure attractions.


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Our Partners

Lothian Industries has partnered with Eli Play as their exclusive North American Distributor. Eli is the leading European manufacturer and supplier of indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks, and sports courses, committed to producing the highest quality indoor jump and play equipment.