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Hit It! for Kids

Transform Your Playground with the interactive HiT iT! for Kids.

Interactive Innovation

Hit It! for Kids

HiT iT! for kids revolutionizes indoor playgrounds, making them exciting for new and existing venues. Kids run, climb, and explore, hunting down targets for a dose of exercise, fun, and competition. Equip them with a unique HiT iT! RFID wristbands for souvenir value and extra earnings. With a standard set of 10 targets and diverse game modes like jungle, Christmas, Halloween, and Easter themes, it’s an instant boost for your playground. Plus, customize your themes for even more interactive fun. Discover how HiT iT! for kids transforms ordinary playgrounds into extraordinary adventures.

Customized Adventures

Theme adaptive interactive playground.

Dive into the World of HiT iT! for Kids: Elevate your indoor playground experience with our interactive game designed to stimulate movement and transform your existing play area into an exciting adventure. Children will run, climb, and crawl through the entire structure to locate and hit all the targets, promoting exercise, fun, and friendly competition. Equip them with unique HiT iT! RFID wristbands for souvenirs and extra earnings. With customizable themes and diverse game modes, HiT iT! for kids breathes new life into your playground, providing endless entertainment for all ages.

Park In Actions

Experience interactive Indoor Playground Adventures

Experience the magic of HiT iT! for kids as ordinary playgrounds transform into dynamic adventures. Watch kids run, climb, and hunt targets, adding fun and fitness to playtime!


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