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Hit it!

HiT iT! – Where every hit counts and every point delivers entertainment.

 Entertainment Evolution

Hit It! Arena

Step into a world of exhilaration and competition with HiT iT! Brace yourself for a game-changing adventure that merges challenge, excitement, and entertainment. Equipped with RFID wristbands, players embark on a journey where precision meets power. Strike the targets to rack up points, with the score reflecting the difficulty of each hit. Our innovative Android screen targets offer an interactive experience far beyond LED counterparts, opening doors to endless gaming possibilities.

Hit It! provides potential for rapid ROI while fostering an environment brimming with fun and competition. Suitable for both individual and team play, HiT iT! lures new customers and guarantees return visits. With a comprehensive game system encompassing software and hardware, frequent updates promise fresh games and applications. Elevate your trampoline park, playground, or Family Entertainment Center with HiT iT! and craft memorable moments for all ages. Choose from various arena sizes or design a custom-made arena tailored to your preferences. Immerse your visitors in the interactive HiT iT! arena experience, igniting lasting memories and encouraging repeat visits.

Customized Adventures

Customizable HiT iT! Renderings Bring Your Vision to Life.

Getting it just right! Uniquely crafted renderings allowing your unique vision comes alive. Tailor every detail, from themes to colors, and witness the potential of an attraction that captivates your audience. From heart-pounding challenges to inclusive family fun, HiT iT! renderings empower you to shape an unforgettable FEC experience that stands out and leaves a lasting impact.

Park In Actions

Our Hit It! Arena Attractions

Lothian Industries distributes one of the industries most innovative attractions by ELI Play. The HiT iT! offers an interactive arena with challenging RFID-wristband targets, boosting entertainment at sports venues, playgrounds, and family centers. Engage in competitive fun for all ages.


ELI Play North American Exclusive Distributor

Lothian has established an exclusive partnership with ELI Play,
serving as their sole distributor in North America. ELI Play is a prominent manufacturer and specializing in indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks, and sports courses. They are dedicated to crafting top-tier indoor jump and play equipment of quality. It is important to note that all videos, images, and renderings featured on are the intellectual of ELI Play. Therefore, the use of these materials for any purpose other than showcasing their products is strictly unauthorized and prohibited.