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Trampoline Attractions

Elevate Fun with Custom Indoor Trampoline Attractions. 

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Epic Trampoline Attractions by ELI Play!

Lothian Industries Trampoline and Jump Systems are provided exclusively by ELI Play Systems Inc., a prominent manufacturer, and supplier of indoor trampoline parks and jump systems. They are meticulously selected for their high-quality designs, adherence to safety standards, and innovative solutions catering to a wide demographic range. Our trampoline and jump systems offer a perfect blend of exercise and fun, bringing exciting experiences to children and adults alike. We create multifaceted activity arenas by incorporating various features such as trampoline courts, foam pits, dunk lanes, dodgeball zones, and climbing walls. To enhance safety, we utilize high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology. The customizable systems allow clients to tailor designs to fit their facility and customer needs. Our commitment to creating engaging, safe, and robust play systems have made Lothian Industries and Eli Play a trusted choice in the family entertainment industry.

Customized Adventures

Designing Challenging and Unique Trampoline Parks

Lothian Industries Inc. is the exclusive North American supplier of ELI Play’s indoor trampoline park and play structures. Eli’s innovative designs bring the thrill of jumping to life. Their equipment is designed, produced, and installed in-house, guaranteeing exceptional quality. Explore the Jump Arena, perfect for gymnastics, stunts, and fitness, or dive into our interactive elements like ValoJump and more. Dreaming of a tailor-made experience? Lothian Industries Inc. and Eli Play are your trampoline park partners of choice.

Parks In Actions

Elevate Fun with Indoor Trampolines

Experience the excitement of Lothian Industry’s indoor trampoline parks. From high-performance trampolines to interactive attractions, we bring fun and challenges to visitors of all ages.


ELI Play North American Exclusive Distributor

Lothian has established an exclusive partnership with ELI Play,
serving as their sole distributor in North America. ELI Play is a prominent manufacturer and specializing in indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks, and sports courses. They are dedicated to crafting top-tier indoor jump and play equipment of quality. It is important to note that all videos, images, and renderings featured on are the intellectual of ELI Play. Therefore, the use of these materials for any purpose other than showcasing their
products is strictly unauthorized and prohibited.