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Valo Motion

Enter the Immersive Experience: Where Reality and Play Collide!

Immersive Play

Where innovation meets action!

Valo Motion revolutionizes sports activities by transforming them into immersive experiences. Their mixed-reality attractions seamlessly blend physical sports and high-quality digital games, allowing participants to climb, jump, or move freely within the gaming world. These innovative attractions offer active mixed-reality experiences suitable for kids, adults, and athletes alike.

JUMP into Interactive Fun!


ValoJump takes the excitement of trampolining to the next level with an interactive game platform featuring a variety of entertaining games and training applications. These games cater to both single and two-player experiences, including the world’s first two-player trampoline game, Super Stomp. ValoJump seamlessly integrates fun, technology, and physical activity, making it suitable for both children and adults. It is available as a standalone attraction for indoor playgrounds or trampoline parks, breathing new life into these spaces with engaging gameplay.

ValoJump is available in single or dual units, with floor capacities ranging from 15 to 45 square meters. It requires a minimum ceiling height of 6 meters for trampoline mode and 3.5 meters for air track mode.The flooring is designed for stability, offering robust attachment options. Power specs are 100-240 V~, 50/60Hz, with a maximum current of 7A, and it relies on a wired internet connection with a minimum 10Mbit bandwidth.

Designed exclusively for indoor use, ValoJump needs controlled conditions: shielded from direct sunlight, temperature between 10-25°C, and humidity at 20-80% RH. Adequate lighting is essential, favoring normal indoor lighting while avoiding dark environments and direct sunlight for optimal performance.

Augmented Climbing Adventure!


ValoClimb is an interactive game platform designed for climbing walls, boasting seven original games with multiple modes and levels. These games cater to both single and two-player experiences, including the sensational Climball and the unique Shadowlings, which interacts with the climber’s shadow. This innovation can be seamlessly integrated into indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks, and family entertainment centers, enhancing the park’s offerings with an interactive climbing wall.

ValoClimb is available in single or dual units, with floor spaces ranging from 20 to 45 square meters and a minimum ceiling height of approximately 3.5 meters. Mounting options include ceiling or floor attachment, providing flexibility for various locations. For power and connectivity, ValoClimb operates on 100-240 V~, 50/60Hz, with a maximum current of 10A. It requires a wired internet connection with a minimum 10Mbit bandwidth to support its interactive features.

Designed exclusively for indoor use, ValoClimb requires controlled environmental conditions. It should be shielded from direct sunlight, maintained within a 10-25°C temperature range, and kept at a humidity level of 20-80% RH. Dim indoor lighting is recommended to ensure an optimal climbing experience, avoiding bright lights or direct sunlight.

Reality Fusion Gaming!


The ValoArena is a cutting-edge mixed-reality entertainment hub, setting a new standard in the leisure industry. Its compact 64 square meter (8×8 meters) footprint is suitable for players aged 4 to 99 years. Accommodating 1 to 6 players simultaneously, this standalone attraction seamlessly merges the physical and digital realms, eliminating the need for headsets, controllers, or additional accessories. Its intuitive interface empowers players to independently select games, levels, and modes, enhancing the overall experience. The ValoArena boasts diverse games crafted to captivate and challenge players of all ages.

The ValoArena is a precise technical installation designed for indoor recreational and interactive activities, with a floor space of approximately 64 square meters and a minimum ceiling height of about 3.1 meters. It requires a stable surface and boasts a hefty structure, with each corner weighing around 200 kilograms. Powered by a 100-240V voltage range at 50/60Hz with a 3.6kW power consumption, the ValoArena demands convenient electrical outlets and internet access restricted to staff. A wired internet connection with at least 10Mbit bandwidth is essential. The power supply can be split into two circuits as needed.

To ensure peak performance, maintaining a temperature range of 10°C to 25°C is crucial, along with adequate airflow. The ValoArena thrives in minimal ambient lighting environments, away from direct sunlight through large windows or bright overhead ceiling lighting, ensuring an immersive user experience.

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