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Lilliput’s Imaginative Toddler Area Play Houses

Pretend play houses that spark vivid imagination and endless exploration while creating lasting memories for children.

Imaginative Play

Custom themed Playhouses Let the Imagination Soar.

Lilliput Play Homes, born from a parent’s desire to create something extraordinary for their child, specializes in crafting luxury wooden playhouses. With over two decades of expertise, Lilliput takes immense pride in designing and building each playhouse with care and dedication. With the belief that children should have a unique space to foster their growth and joy, creating cherished memories. Explore our wide range of indoor and outdoor playhouses, or get inspired by our custom designs. We’re committed to ensuring that every Lilliput playhouse is the finest available, bringing delight to families worldwide.

Customized Adventures

Hand Crafted Custome Themed Play Houses.

Lilliput Play Homes passion lies in the meticulous crafting of each playhouse. Nestled in their workshop they transform pieces of wood into whimsical dreams, focusing on every intricate detail to create enchanting and enduring structures. Craftsmen and women pour their hearts into each creation, ensuring that every nook and cranny is a testament to quality and creativity.

Park In Actions

Our Modular Indoor Playgrounds Attractions

Lothian Industries Inc. embodies a dynamic and adventurous essence, combining a fusion of nostalgic elements and sophisticated expertise. With an upscale-iconic tone, Lothian Industries exudes excitement and thrills, positioning us as the foremost provider of indoor playgrounds, adventure park attractions, design services, and installation solutions..


Lilliput Play Homes Exclusive Distributor

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